High Quality Perfect Fast Reliable Honest Service..

“Elektromasyon Electronic and automation systems is an innovative company which aims to be leading organization in its sector together with its specialist team that continues its investments in consideration of reference of provided services and directs the sector with high quality perfect service understanding.”

Sustainable Improvement

Elektromasyon reinforces the bridge between economic and environmental aspects while it continues its activities. It considers effect of decision which is taken in one of these fields over others and continues its activities a long term effective development. Therefore its aims in all activities are to create value, to maintain development of community and to improve life and environmental quality standards.

Customer Oriented Operation

Elektromasyon is fully focused in markets where it has activities and creates a structure which is hundred percent compatible with customer demands. It always evaluates effect of works and attitudes over customer and considers customer satisfaction as basis. It foresees customer needs in advance and gives importance to finds most suitable solutions with fastest manner, to supply needs within shortest time period and research and development. Elektromasyon equips production area with state of art technology and works with teams who are specialists in their fields.

To proceed together with innovations

Elektromasyon designs innovations for improving service quality whether it is requested by customer or not and implements them within its organization and put them for service of customer. With this aspect Elektromasyon is one of first designers of new product, service and technologic solutions which are possible to be brought into their organization.

Total Quality Management

Elektromasyon knows that basic factor which maintains the customer satisfaction is service quality and organizes all of its activities according to this basic factor. It trains all of its personnel alternately on total quality management and improves the quality of services for customers. It has created a sustainable quality cycle by taking precaution timely and in place for not experiencing problems and decreases in service quality. Elektromansyon was structured according to Total Quality Standards, obtained relevant quality certificates and appreciated by customers due to its sustainable quality certificates.

Working Ethics

Electromasyon follows honesty principles in its relations and pays great effort for acting accordingly with work ethics and for providing it to be understood by all personnel. All components and actors of created service acts within framework of this primary principle of Elektromasyon. Elektromasyon accepts clarity principle for customer, workers and society and fulfills its requirements without any doubt.